Dr. John Zeisel speaking at a caregiver training.

Become A Part of the Scripted-IMPROV® Program

Join Scripted-IMPROV® by purchasing our Scripted-IMPROV Starter Pack, which includes everything needed to put on one play, Ahoy, Me Pirate Tale. Members receive all of the following evidenced based materials.

  • Our Scripted-IMPROV 4-hour online video training presented by experts in the field of dementia and the professional actors who developed our scripts. It includes interactive games and can be taken gradually over time. Learn more.
  • The Script and Resource Guide materials follow our Ahoy, Me Pirate Tale! script and easy-to follow instructions and suggestions for the play's props and costumes. Learn more.
  • To supplement your training, we have a Drama Club Facilitation Guide, which includes fun activities to do with your participants in the weeks prior to the full Scripted-IMPROV performances.  Learn more.
  • As a special feature, you get our Print Pack, which includes printable props and costume pieces. All you need to do is print out the items, cut them out, and assemble. Your participants can even help! Learn more.

Coming Soon: Scripted-IMPROV for Caregivers!

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> The Script and Resource Guide
> The Facilitation Guide
> The Print Pack