The Script and Resource Guide: Call Up Your Creativity*

* Included with the Scripted-IMPROV® Performance Package and the Scripted-IMPROV® Drama Program.

The Scripted-IMPROV® Script and Resource Guide has all the resources you need to put on a vibrant and engaging theatrical performance. Clearly written instructions, imaginative suggestions, and helpful photos fill the pages.

And we make it a point to always offer several approaches—to give you options and spur your own creativity. This idea-filled guide includes:

  • Customized Script 

  • Cheat Sheets - carry-along outlines of the play’s action.

  • Instructions for creating the prop and costumes

  • Pre-performance Checklist

  • Stage Management Guide

Work with your participants to create props and costumes, it's a fun and exciting way to build anticipation for your upcoming Scripted-IMPROV® performance. But if you prefer, you can buy some or all of your props online.