Scripted-IMPROV® Enriching Lives and Offering Hope

Creativity supports joyful, meaningful, and fulfilled lives. Scripted-IMPROV® Drama offers a comprehensive set of tools equipping care staff to facilitate engaging drama programs in assisted living, day centers, nursing homes, and care homes.

Scripted-IMPROV® was developed by Hearthstone’s Research Division as part of a two-year NIH/NIA-funded clinical trial. Tested in NYC, Boston and Cleveland the program is shown to increase engagement and quality of life while reducing depression.

Online training and downloadable books provide the communications tools necessary for everyone to achieve the intended outcomes. Learn more about Scripted-IMPROV® .

Think about the theater. Starting a Drama Club gives you and your group the same creative tools, skills, and ideas that actors use every day.

These are new and ever-changing experiences that truly enhance quality of life. Dementia suddenly (and happily) becomes much less relevant.

At Drama Club people shine with their strengths. They have a sense of shared purpose and friendship. Believing that “everyone can” is a key principle of the Club.

Meetings are filled with theater games, theater props and theater talk. Bonds are formed, laughter explodes, pratfalls occur.

As Club members stand and walk and growl like pirates, hoist that sail”, "battle that monster", family and staff members will watch you and your troupe succeeding in ways they never believed possible.

Welcome Aboard — enjoy the experience.